In late 2019, Stewbody’s Executive Board determined it was time to intercede on behalf of African-American Male collegiate and youth sports athletes by forming its Mentor Education Outreach Program. Due to NCAA changes in policy and legislation permitting College Basketball Players, the unprecedented opportunity to begin earning money from their image and likeness, Coach Stew, has begun hiring Mentors, as interns for his Emerging Leaders: Sports & Business Development Men’s Education Business Initiative.

The current official trainer of the United Basketball League (UBL) and Assistant Coach for the Texas Wranglers, Coach Stew, is well-positioned to provide quality referrals and encourage business development for athletes new to the sports business field. Similarly, as a non-compensated victim of the (2015) EA Sports College Athlete video-game legal controversy, StewBody Fitness’s Founder knows well the pitfalls a lack of guidance can incur.

Mentors will receive fiscal compensation through training youth in basketball skills, sale of SBF merchandise and fitness client referrals. Mentors may also design their own men’s sportswear merchandise, develop their own fitness training pedagogy, teach adult SBF fitness classes and create social media campaigns highlighting Men’s Health Issues.

With youth skills training initializing in March 2020, the StewBody Mentor Program seeks 40 Collegiate Men’s Basketball Mentors to provide targeted sports training intervention for boy basketball players, age 18 and under.

Applicants for SBF Mentors should have high-school athletics experience and be affiliated with a Professional, Collegiate, or Semi-Professional Basketball Team, (as a current of former player). Selected SBF Mentors will be 19 years or older and have an interest in continuing work in the Arts, Education, Health or Fitness Fields. Potential mentors should be willing work with at-risk, elite-talent and male athletes of African Descent.

If you, or a family member is interested in participating in the SBF Mentor Program for Emerging Sports & Fitness Business Leaders, please email him at

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